Animal lovers and supporters. . . we have a desperate need for roof repairs and updated heating/cooling equipment at our shelter! We need to raise $20,000 ASAP to fund these items – please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help reFURbish our beloved cat house at 201 South Elm Street. Thank you from the homeless cats of McPherson County!

Head over to our GoFundMe campaign to make a secure donation. No amount is too small, everything helps!

The north side of our roof – not so bad. The south side is a little scary! A huff and a puff and our roof might just go bye-bye! A replacement roof would ensure that this turn-of-the-century church can withstand many more years of Kansas weather.

Our HVAC unit is ancient and inefficient due to the size and layout of our building. This clunking behemoth is ready for a well-deserved retirement. We have received estimates that suggest a 2 unit system would better serve our separate areas of the building – the original church with sky-high ceilings, and the mid-century addition with “standard” ceilings.